About my childhood

· The summernights have always been the biggest adventures of my childhood ·


The short story is readable at “about me” but here I will tell you a story about myself that might be a little longer.

I grew up in a small city called Ebersberg, in Bavaria, Germany. Eventough my father is from afghanish origin he and my german mother raised us – my sister and me – in a european way. We only learned the german language and went to church on christmas and easter.when we were younger. As I got 13 I decided that church isn’t for me and I we stopped going there. I had the best childhood as fas as I can remember. We were playing outside with the neighbours kids from dusk till down. We were surrounded by families with kids in our age and by kindergardens, playgrounds, forests and fields. The summernight with my friends have always been the biggest adventure of my childhood. The other kids and I used to play “hide and seek” and the playground was our whole neighbourhood.

Fortunately we didn’t have smartphones and internet back then. We had television but it was more fun to play outside and to make our own movies. I wrote the screenplay to our first movie and we filmed it when we were about 13 or 14 years old. I still have that V8 tapes. It is so much fun to watch them again now! Writing has always been part of my life. With my best friends I used to write letters and when it was the birthday of one of us four girls we wrote birthday songs and poems and hey, they were pretty good.

I remember the simple way of how me met outside. I just ran to my friends house and rang the doorbell. When her mother opened the door I said:

“Hello, is Kate allowed to come out and play?”
“Yes, she is, but she has to come home at 7 o’clock for dinner.”
Her mother answered. Kates family ate at 7 o’clock every day when they were kids I think. After dinner she came back outside to play with us and when It was time to go home we negotiated about every single minute longer.

Then 7. grade started and we all grew up but just a little bit. One of my best friends Melina went to school with me and Kate and the fourth one, Lena, went so school together, too. So, we still filmed our stupid videos and wrote our lovely letters, but we also started to go out partying and meeting guys. In these summer nights of 2007/ 08 we had pool parties and campfires and 2009 I finished school. After that the childhood was gone for ever and the rest of our lifes began. I went to a language school and made a training as a bilingual assistent two years. When I was 18 years old I started to moved out in my own appartment and move around all the time. I have always been that “no risk no fun” person when it comes to the risk of making serious decisions, but I can’t jump from a 3 meters board into a pool. That is too adventurous for me. I tried it and I will try it again, I’ll let you know if I managed to jump or went back and cried like a baby.

“The summernights with my friends have always been the biggest adventures of my childhood”

The girls and I never grew apart and deep inside we are still the same kids that we have been when we were 13 years old. This story started beeing a story about my childhood but ended up beeingt about friendship because that is what my childhood and teenager year have been about. I learned a lot from them and we always sticked together evenouth every one of us had their own lifes. We met new friends, had boyfriends or went to different schools but we have always come together from time to time and that will never change. I have a very large box full of memories, letters and poems and everytime I look through them I can’t help laughing and crying.

Thank you ladies, I love you. EG forever and always. 

Love, Madeleine