Day Dream

· just a girl in love ·


“I wonder why people always tell stories about the heartbreaks and the pain. Aren’t there so many more feelings to talk about when you are happily in love?

The feeling when you meet a stranger and suddenly this stranger becomes your closest friend. The feeling when there aren’t enough words for all the stories you want to tell and want to hear. The feeling when sitting on the grass with that person can be the most adventurous thing you did all summer because it is time spend with that one special soul.
Do you remember how hard it is to breath when you both are having a great time and so much fun and you can’t believe that this is real – it feels like a day dream but it is just a dream day. There is nothing special about the day but this one love makes everything special. You want to know every little detail about his life, about how he sees the world and about his dreams and beliefs.

But how do you know that you are in love? Well, I guess you will just know it. When you can’t stop smiling and when you put their feelings first . . . and what a wonder if that person you are in love with, loves you back. When you are in a crowded room and look at him and you see he is already looking at you. You could spend weeks with him doing nothing and having the time of your life. I would do anything to keep this feeling forever. I want to get to know him new every day, for the rest of my life. ”

  • just a girl in love


“love is – the most beautiful word that you’ve ever heard” – Love is; a song by Adam Cohen