Muse around the world

· The idea is to connect with positive people around the world. We are creating our future. ·


With “Muse- How to Create Your Own Happiness” I wanted to inspire and empower people from all over the world. Creating something great and positive was my intention and through the journey of writing and publishing my first book I got the idea of sending some limited editions of the book around the world. Everyone who has read it can write something about their projects, experiences or anything else on a free space in the book. After reading and writing, the reader will give this edition of “Muse” to someone who maybe could need some positivity or someone who has a project to share with the world. This book will be soon full of thoughts of many different people from different places around the globe.

I created an Instagram Account called just for this project and a small guide for every reader who wants to be part of this project. I will post pictures of every single one of you. You can send me the pictures via E-Mail, Facebook or Instagram. I would love to get to know some more positive people out there and I would like to learn about your projects.


Here is a short guide about how the project works

  1. Get the limited edition of “muse – How to Create Your Own Happiness” that travels the world from another person
  2. Read the book and write down on a blank space what you think. Just two to five short sentences about whatever you like or it can be a link to your project, it can be a poem, a thought, a story, a criticism. You can write whatever you like as long as it fits our moral standarts and is not offensive
  3. Take a picture of you with the book or the book only. It would be great if the pictures shows something of your city, too. You can send it to me with your social media accounts and location. If you agree I would like to share it online. You can send me the pictures via E-Mail, Facebook or Instagram.
  4. Give the book to another person in a different country, state or city than yours. Tell him or her about the project and what you think about it. Let me know to whom you gave the book so I can follow the “Muse” – edition around the world


The idea is to connect with positive and creative people around the world and to empower each other with our dreams and projects. We are creating our future.


I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Let me know in the comments what your projects are if you can talk about it yet.

Love, Madeleine