My favourite books


There are so many stories out there and I wish I could read all of them.

As many other people I have my favourite genres, too. Most of the time I read self-help literature about happiness and success. I also love to read psycho thriller and fantasy novels. With this post I want to share with you some of my favourite books and authors. Maybe you will find some of the books nice to read for yourself here, too.

Greece, 2016,  I found that novel by Ethan Cross by accident, it was one of THE SHEPHERD SERIES: “Father or Fear”. I didn’t know that this book belongs to a series and it wasn’t a problem while reading. When I am on vacation I love to read books at the beach or at the pool, but as I’ve forgotten my book back home I had to buy a new one. There was a little tourist shop with books in several languages and fortunately also english and german. I bought the book in German because I wanted to change books after reading with my friend. She bought an action novel. In German the book is called: “Ich bin der Schmerz”.  It is about an organization called “The Shepherd”, which can be seen as a special forces to dissolve crimes. The thing about this organization is, that they don’t have to stick to the law all the time themselves. The crimes are so brutal and tricky that sometimes it is needed to be like the  criminals themselves. The main character is an agent named Marcus Williams and his background story is very exciting and unsettling as well. Sometimes the story went very brutal, but I don’t mind that. if you do, maybe it will be too brutal for you sometimes. That is something that psycho thriller have in common I think. They are all very brutal. But if you are interested in yu can check the reading order and any other books of this series on the authors website:


“Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. 

A good friend of mine recommended me this book and in the first place it was a little bit difficult to find the right one. The original book by Napoleon Hill is from 1937. The book was sold about 70 million times untill today and there are many different editions and edits. I would put it in the genre of self-helpliterature. It is a book about success strageties that the author had worked on for a couple decades until he has published his experiences. I bought a very handy small paperback and I carry it with me in my bag all the time. This i the kind of book you take and read it over and over again and it pushes you and helps you every single time you read it even more than the time before. It inspired my a little to the idea of my book, because I wanted to create something that can be read over and over again and accompanies the reader on his way.

Do you know the feeling when you finish the last page and you feel like you are missing the characters alrady? That is when I know this book was great. Sometimes I want to read day and night, hour after hour because I just slip into the story so much that I don’t want to leave it. And when I have to I get excited when I know, that I can return to my book in a couple of hours.

A fantasy novel that gave me this feeling is “The Elven” by Bernhard Hennen. The German title is “Die Elfen” and this book also belongs to a series of five books. This novel has all the characteristics in it, which I love in fantasy novels! Big fights and action, mysterious creatures and of course a background love story. Every time I read fantasy books I am impressed by the authors creativity and fantasy. Everything is possible, you could make up every single detail but in the end it still has to make sense. Thats an amazingly difficult job for an author, I think.



 I would love to see that someone loves the books above as much as I do. I wish you a great time while reading if you decide to do so.

Love, Madeleine